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RPX teamed up with Giza Lab to create an interactive demo engagingly showcasing its services. The goal was to provide RPX’s corporate clients, including C-level executives and business development teams, with a tool allowing them to demonstrate key features on their mobile devices effortlessly.

Project Background

Engage Clients Better with Interactive Service Demo

RPX, a leading logistics firm, aimed to improve client engagement by introducing an interactive demo showcasing its services. To achieve this goal, Giza Lab was brought in to design and develop a website-based demo. This tool enables RPX’s top executives and Business Development Team to showcase key features using their mobile devices, emphasizing the company’s expertise in shipping cost calculation and live tracking.


The project involved creating a user-friendly website demo highlighting RPX’s shipping cost calculation process and live tracking feature. This included designing an attractive interface and integrating functionalities aligned with RPX’s commitment to transparency and reliability for its corporate clients.


Team in Charge

Giza Lab formed a specialized team comprising designers, developers, and project managers to carry out the project. Through the combined efforts of this diverse team, the demo was crafted to meet strict quality and functionality standards. Clear communication and a unified vision enabled the team to work seamlessly together, ultimately delivering a solution that surpassed RPX’s expectations.

UIUX Designer

User Researcher

UX Writers

UIUX Designer

User Researcher

UX Writers


A Strategic Approach to RPX Project Development

The project kicked off with a comprehensive analysis of RPX’s requirements and target audience preferences. Giza Lab conducted stakeholder interviews and market research to gain valuable insights into the logistics industry and client expectations. Based on these findings, a strategic plan was formulated, outlining the design concepts, technical specifications, and development milestones.


The iterative design and development process allowed for continuous feedback and refinement. Prototypes were created and tested iteratively to ensure usability and compatibility across various devices and browsers. Strict quality assurance procedures were implemented to identify and address any issues, guaranteeing a seamless user experience.


Shipping Cost Calculator

A user-friendly tool that enables clients to estimate shipping costs based on parameters such as destination, package dimensions, and delivery preferences. This feature empowers clients to make informed decisions and budget effectively for their logistics needs.

Live Shipment Tracking

Real-time tracking functionality allows clients to monitor the status and location of their shipments using an interactive map interface. This feature enhances transparency and provides clients with peace of mind, knowing the exact whereabouts of their goods throughout the shipping process.

Giza Lab successfully collaborated with RPX to develop an interactive demo that effectively showcases the company’s services to its corporate clients. The demo provides a seamless and engaging user experience by leveraging innovative design principles and advanced technologies, ultimately contributing to RPX’s business growth and client satisfaction.

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